It has been our tradition to end the year and tutoring session with a PSA Picnic.

This year the picnic will take place on Wednesday May 25th, 2016, and all children who attend PSA and Tutoring are invited to participate even if Wednesday is not your usual day. If your child will be attending, please advise his/her teacher.

We have changed the format this year….the PICNIC has been replaced by a DANCE PARTY AND SUNDAE BAR. Youth Stars will be animating an hour long dance party and then we will be serving Baskin Robbins vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, syrups and some goodies on top! If your child has any special dietary needs or allergies please let us know.

Youth Stars will be filming a 3 minute video that they will send us. If you prefer your child not to be filmed please email us and let us know.

Parents can pick up at the regular pick up time. The festivities will be done by 4:45.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us!

Jacqui, Steph & the PSA Staff