Dear Parents

A reminder that Jenny’s play and our guitar recital will take place today, June 16 at 4pm.

Thank you to those who joined us at our open meeting for fruitful discussion and feedback.

Please note that although we understood that the information was sent last June, the email with the PSA details for the PSA-BASE comparison has not been located. We apologize for any delay this has caused for Ms Marotta to be able to get the appropriate information to parents. We sent a revised version with updated program details (to reflect changes implemented in 2015-16) to Governing Board in early May and they will send out the information once the document is finalized with BASE.

A final reminder to all parents to submit their registrations for next year’s after-school and PED day programs. PED days are looking filling fast!

Finally, although we still have a week left, we want to take this opportunity to wish all our grads the best of luck with their continued studies next year and to everyone else an enjoyable summer!