PSA Open Meeting

PSA OPEN MEETING June 14, 2016 at 7pm Staff Room Come and join us for our first PSA Open Meeting. Click here to view the meeting's agenda Parent Committee Edinburgh PSA

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It has been our tradition to end the year and tutoring session with a PSA Picnic. This year the picnic will take place on Wednesday May 25th, 2016, and all children who attend PSA and Tutoring are invited to participate even if Wednesday is not your usual day. If your child will be attending, please advise his/her teacher. We have changed the format this year….the PICNIC has been replaced by a DANCE PARTY AND SUNDAE BAR. Youth Stars will be [...]

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Friday, June 3rd We are going to WOOHOO! Leaving school at 9am Returning by 2:15pm Please make sure your child has socks as no bare feet are allowed! Thank you!

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The date for the show will now be May 3rd. At the time we had not realized Hairspray was the 20th April and a few of the children were performing in both. The time will be from 4-5pm and we look forward to seeing you on the 3rd!

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TUTORING REGISTRATION Group tutoring services2016-17               Tutoring Registration form 2016-2017 Tutoring policy 2016-2017                        Tutoring fees 2016-17 PSA REGISTRATION REGISTRATION 2016                               Registration form 2016-2017 Registration policy 2016-17                     New PSA fees 2016-2017 Photo Consent                        [...]

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PSA SHOW Spring is on its way or that is what we would like to think. With April very close it is time for the children to start preparing for our annual PSA SHOW. This is the time that the children get to show off their talents and let you see what they have learned during the year. We will be presenting the show on April 20th May 3rd at 4-5 pm. Don’t forget to block the date off in your [...]

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REMINDER – No PSA on March 23rd

There is NO PSA on Wednesday 23 March due to Parent Teacher Interviews. Please let your child's teacher know who will be picking them up or if they will be going home on the bus. Thank you

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Please click here to read the Minutes from our last meeting Minutes AGM 9-4 2015.pdf

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Upcoming PED Days

FOR THOSE REGISTERED IN THE PED DAY PROGRAM Please send snacks and lunch that is easy to eat. No thermoses, glass containers, or bottles as we normally eat in very confined spaces. We open at 8am. Children should arrive at school between 8:00-8:30am and come in through the side door located on Edinburgh (it’s our usual PSA PICK UP DOOR). FRIDAY MARCH 18TH, 2016 ECO-MUSEUM Leaving school at 9:30am Returning to school for 2:30pm THURSDAY MARCH 23RD, 2016 NO PSA [...]

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Minutes from PSA meeting

Please click below to view the minutes from the February-04-16 Board Meeting. PSA Board Meeting Minutes Feb04.pdf Edinburgh PSA By-laws.pdf

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