New classes at PSA starting week of the 30th January except Conflict Resolution which will start on the 8th as we need consent

Conflict resolution and stress management grade 5-6 Wednesday

Christina Opolko is a drama therapist who has designed a program to help grades 5 & 6 learn and practice conflict resolution and stress management skills in preparation for high school. This 8 week workshop will offer a playful and inclusive environment in which children can role play, bond and discuss common issues and stresses either at school or with peers.

Improv grade 4-6 Friday

Play and spontaneity are important for child development. In improv, children will play improv games and have loads of fun. Along the way, children will have the chance to practice social skills and hopefully learn to remain creative when faced with the unexpected. Luckily professional actor Christina Opolko will be there to facilitate and lead the way.

Art through time grade 2-6 Friday

Inspired by major art movements through time, children work on various projects such as making their own Ancient Egyptian papyrus, a piece for a Native American totem pole, a colourful Henri Matisse paper cut and more.
Using a variety of materials, the children discover different methods of art making and create wonderful works of their own.

Book Illustration grades 2-6 Tuesday

Susan Mitchell uses her experience as an illustrator to introduce the children to the wonderful work of book illustration. Experimenting with putting art-work and words together in interesting ways, the children learn the basics of pop-up, comic and picture book making. Using what they have learned, the children develop their illustration and writing skills to begin making their own unique books.