The PSA show will take place on Wednesday April 12th at 4 pm.

We will be having a Dress rehearsal on the Tuesday April 11th for all the students participating in the show. If this is not your regular day to attend PSA it is not a problem. Just inform us and your child’s teacher they will be staying that day, there will be no charge for the day. The rehearsal will be from 4 – 5 so if you are a 5:00 pm pick up please collect your child at 5:00pm.

The children participating are those in Irish Dancing, Kindergarten Music (children who attend on Tuesdays), Ukulele, Tap Dancing, Hip Hop on Thursdays, and Karate. KDG children are asked to wear a white t-shirt and blue bottoms.

Parents are welcome to attend and watch the show. If your child normally does not attend on Wednesday, but is performing in the show, he/she is welcome to stay at PSA for that day. Please inform your child’s teacher.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or come in to see us.

Jacqui & Steph