Kindergarten Activities

We believe part of fostering a child’s development is to provide opportunities to explore the world beyond the classroom. Our separate kindergarten program features scheduled activities Monday through Thursday from 3:15 to 4:45 p.m., and free-play Fridays. Scheduled activities include music, baking, science, arts & crafts, Handwriting with a Smile, reading and pre-literacy program and gym. All of our kindergarten activities are developed to be age-appropriate and foster independence, collaborative play, and gross and fine motor coordination, all while being fun and educational.

Weekly Kindergarten Activity Schedule

Day Daily Activities (rotating timeslots weekly*)
Book Club
Liberal Arts
Handwriting with a Smile
Lego Building
Arts & Crafts
Plasticine Art
Science & Food Experiments
Thursday Gym
Games with Social Skills
Friday Free play

* Activity start times rotate weekly. This ensures children experience each activity over the course of the year, regardless of pick-up time.