Grades 1 – 6 Activities

We believe part of fostering a child’s development is to provide opportunities to explore the world beyond the classroom. Our programming includes, at no extra cost, sign-up and daily free-flow activities for our grades 1-6 students.

Our sign-up activities provide an introduction to arts, music, dance and physical activity, and all of our activities focus on fun, education, independence, and team-work, with a flexible structure based on the child’s needs and abilities. Sign-up activities occur between the hours of 2:45 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. – for detailed descriptions of each please see below.

Grades 1-6 Weekly Activity Schedule

Day Sign-up Activities
Monday Senior Yoga (Grades 4-6)
Science (Grades 2-3)
Drawing & Painting (Grades 1-3)
Drama (Grades 4-6)
Tuesday Irish Dancing (Grades 2-6)
Drama (Grades 4-6)
Karate (Grades 1-6)
Wednesday Junior Yoga (Grades 1-3)
Drawing & Painting (Grades 4-6)
Thursday Ukelele (Grades 1-6)
Pound (Grades 1-6)
Senior Videography (Grades 4-6)
Art Through Time (Grades 1-6)
Friday Junior Videography (Grades 1-3)
Sewing (Grades 1-6)

Our Sign-up Activities

PSA's yoga program


(grades 1-6)

Taught by certified yoga instructors Ruth Wani (Aamba Yoga Studio) and Flo-Ann Hamilton, the PSA’s yoga program is specifically designed for children ages 6 to 12 and focuses on overall well-being. Using a game-based approach, children learn basic yoga techniques in a safe and caring space. Practiced yoga poses help build core strength, concentration and body awareness. Positive stress-management techniques and mindfulness through deep breathing and meditation are also taught.

PSA's karate program


(grades 1-6)

Taught by karate veteran Sensei Andrew Watson (Dojo Studio), our karate program is a fun way to achieve fitness, self-discipline and confidence. Children are introduced to basic karate concepts at their own pace through fun warm-up exercises, kick, block and punch techniques, stances, and choreographed self-defense techniques, called ‘Kata’; demonstrations and discussions center on the art of self-defense and anti-bullying strategies. Stress and anger management techniques, conflict resolution strategies and mediation are also taught.

PSA's guitar program


(grades 1-6)

Ron Griffin (Lalala Creative Workshops) brings both technique and enthusiasm to our ukulele classes. Sessions give children a basic understanding of chords, rudimentary playing techniques and instill a life-long love of music. Students learn songs over the course of the year and enjoy participating in the year-end show to demonstrate their newfound musical abilities. Students must bring their own ukulele.

PSA's drama program


(grades 4-6)

Our drama program helps build a child’s confidence and self-esteem by giving them the opportunity to engage in role-play, movement activities and improvisation. Children develop cooperative relationships and independence while working on a larger piece throughout the year, which is performed in the end-of-year show.

Irish Dance

(grades 2-6)

In addition to promoting an active lifestyle, our dance program gives children the opportunity to explore self-expression and creative freedom. We offer Irish dance (grades 2-6) which introduces children to basic steps, simple choreography and movement within a defined space.


(grades 3-6)

A multimedia course where students learn skills to produce their own digital art and storytelling.

PSA's bingo on Fridays

Free-flow Activities

(all grades)

In addition to our sign-up activities, children are also invited to explore our free-flow activities. Offered every day of the week, these activities promote sharing and foster awareness through community engagement projects. Activities include:

Arts – painting, drawing, structured projects
Crafts – beading, sewing, knitting, crocheting
Games – chess, board games
Lego building – cooperative and solo play
Physical activity – outdoors and indoors, organized and free-play

Children can enjoy a special round of Bingo on Fridays as well.

For more information about our activities or program please contact us. To register for the school year please visit our Fees & Forms page.