Christina Opolko, MA, CCC, NT
Christina is a creative arts therapist with specializations in developmental trauma, play therapy, and grief/ bereavement/ life transition from Concordia University, The Developmental Transformations Institute of Montreal and the Argyle Institute of Montreal. She currently works for the EMSB and Agence Ometz in primary schools in Montreal, as well as in private practice at the Sedona Centre in NDG. For the last two years, Christina has been our resident creative arts therapist and behavioural specialist in Edinburgh’s PSA program. Over her time with us, she has developed three services. The first is Conflict-Reso Live (no consents required), which involves mediating disputes amongst kids as they occur during PSA, where “incidents” are reported as “learning moments”. Then, there is SMaRT program (Stress Management and Resilience Training— parental consents required), which involves a more psychoeducational approach to stress management, where kids can learn to normalize and address big feelings in a group setting. Finally, the Blue Room Program, where kids can come to resolve or “cool down” either acute or chronic peer conflicts. 

The PSA staff, especially Jacqui and Stephanie, are pleased to announce that due to the success of these programs, we are welcoming new paid interns from Concordia University’s Drama Therapy Program to our team. We introduce to you: Bill Wood and Jeremy Park.
Bill Wood
Bill Wood moved to Montreal from Halifax Nova Scotia to study Drama Therapy at Concordia University. For the past two years he has been pursuing his masters and working with children, first at a community center in Point St. Charles and more recently in the Child Psychiatry department at the Jewish General Hospital. Bill loves, play, pretend, socializing and mental health and is glad drama therapy brings all his loves together.
Jeremy Park
Jeremy is a recent graduate of Concordia university’s dramatherapy program. He is very excited to have fun bringing the skills he’s learned there to Edinburgh, facilitating expressive and therapeutic activities. Jeremy has previously done drama with children as a summer camp instructor, and drama therapy with adolescents.
These interns will be learning the programs and starting their own program to enable boys to express their feelings around other men at school, called “ABC: all boys club.”  We look forward to their contribution!